Monday 19 December 2016

#ShareTheLove Campaign with Whitworths


Whitworths has launched a cool #ShareTheLove campaign, sharing the perfect children's story about The Cake That Made Christmas, a fun downloadable e-book. the book is beautifully illustrated, sharing the story of baking and sharing your creations with loved ones, and as it's Christmas what a nicer time of the year to share a delightful story. We love spending time together and baking is always a great way to connect and have some much-needed fun.

The Cake That Made Christmas

What a really love about the story is that it's a book about making someone happy through baking, and there is also a delicious Whitworth's Cranberry and Almond cake recipe inside the e-book, to help you make the perfect cake this Christmas.

The Cake That Made Christmas Book

The Cake That Made Christmas can be read online shared or downloaded.  You can find the link to the e-book here