Saturday 3 December 2016

Spy Missions

Spy Missions Croyden

We were on a Mission last weekend, as we headed to Spy Missions is Croyden, we were really looking forward to the adventure ahead.

Spy Missions Tasks  Inside Spy Missions

As we entered Spy Missions we were introduced to our guide who then told us our mission, which was to board the hijacked USN Steadfast Battle Cruiser stop the missile and save the day. We were lead by our guide through a series of different rooms, each which had a challenging puzzle and adventure, we had to solve puzzles to get clues and codes to help complete our mission and stop the missile attack.

Spy Missions

There were lots of tunnels to crawl through, lasers to navigate and climb and crawl through, and even a slide, Spy Missions tested our mental and physical agility, but before long we had saved the day and stopped the missile our mission was complete.

Spy Missions   Spy Missions Activities

We loved our time at Spy Missions, although the time went by rather quick, but in fact, we were there for an entire hour and the time had just flown the past, the kids said that they had a great time and they would love to do it again.

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We were given tickets to Spy Missions, however, all thoughts in this review are strictly that of our own opinion.