Wednesday 15 February 2017


unboxing LEGO Batman

We adored the LEGO Batman Movie (read our thoughts on the movie here), so we more delighted to get our hands on some cool LEGO Batman goodies. Check out the boys Unboxing below,

We are certainly looking forward to building these cool LEGO Batman Sets, here are our thoughts on some of the items we unboxed.

LEGO Batman Watch

Batman LEGO Watch £19.99
I love this as much as the kids and couldn't help but try it on for size,

LEGO Batman Watch  LEGO Batman Watch

it was a perfect fit as it has adjustable LEGO links, but I needed have worried as LEGO Watches also has a selection of adult watches for us big kids.

 Batman Hallmark Birthday Card

Batman Hallmark Birthday Card
If you have a celebration coming up and like us you are a Batman fan, then Hallmark has some cool Batman celebration cards.

 Batman Poster - Always Bet On Black

Batman Poster - Always Bet On Black from Pyramid Shop £3.99
The boys loved this stunning poster it looks super cool in the boy's room and features all of the characters from the movie.

The LEGO Batman Movie Essential Guide  and Batman's Guide to Being Cool

DK Books UK - The LEGO Batman Movie Essential Guide £9.99 & Scholastic - Batman's Guide to Being Cool £8.09
These books are perfect if you want to know more about the characters of the movies as well as some fun and cool interesting facts, whilst we read some of the quotes from the movie we couldn't help but to read  in Batmans deep husky voice.

 LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures

We love these ‘mystery' blind bags as each one contains one of the 20 characters available in the Batman Movie collection. We already have a few minifigures and are looking forward to collecting them all.

 LEGO Batman LED Keyring

LEGO Batman LED Keyring £7.99
I absolutely love this Harley Quinn key chain, all you have to is press the chest plate to switch on the LED lights which then glow under her feet. The LEGO Batman LED keyring come in various LEGO Batman characters from Batman himself, The Joker, Batman Glam Rocker & Batman Kimono Batman.

 LEGO The Joker Balloon Escape

LEGO The Joker Balloon Escape £11.99
This is such a cool set which features both The Joker and Batman characters, we loved building this fun set which sees The Joker at the power plant ready to cause havoc with his explosive action bomb, this also has to be one of our favorite moments of the Batman movie too.

 LEGO The Joker Balloon Escape

We are looking forward to building the LEGO Batmobile and The Scuttler which we will be reviewing soon,