Monday 27 February 2017

Pancake Day Fun with Robinsons

Robinsons Fruit Juice

We love Pancake Day it's a great opportunity to make some tasty pancakes and spend some fun family time together, we were inspired by Robinsons Real Fruit squash Juice to try some fruity pancakes, especially as Robinsons Juice contains real fruit in every drop and has no added sugar, making Robinsons our preferred choice of squash. We opted for the 1 cup pancake recipe as it's the quickest and simplest recipe to use when cooking pancakes.

  Robinsons Real Fruit Juice Robinsons Orange and Mango Fruit Juice

It was nice to use delicious fresh fruit to finish out fruity pancake stack, whilst we made our pancakes we had some refreshing  Robinsons Orange and Mango squash to quench our thirst.


The boys had a great time making their pancakes.


The best part was garnishing the pancakes and drinking a glass of Robinsons fruit squash whilst we got creative. My son loves the Robinsons Squash’d range as he loves to squirt the juice into his glass and watch the juice swirl into the water, and as they only contain only 3 calories per serving it's perfect for me.


We had lots creating these fruity pancakes, perfect for pancake day. 

For more information on Robinsons Juice including their #EnjoyMoreWater campaign and competition check out