Monday 27 June 2016

Disney Pixar: Finding Dory

If you loved Nemo then you most certainly will love this amazing new Disney Pixar Finding Dory. We were really excited to head to an exclusive family screening in London, where we got the chance to take part in some fun activities for the movie started.


Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) joins forces with her friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for answers, some years before Dory a very forgetful fish became separated from her parents, Dory begins to have flashbacks and feels its time that she sets off to finally find her parents.

With the help of her friends Dory sets on a wild adventure in the hope to be reunited with her parent, the only problem is Dory need to get inside the Marine Life Institute, After being separated from her friends, Dory meets Hank an octopus who offers to help Dory in exchange for her placement in a Cleveland aquarium, with the help of Dory's friends old and new we anticipatingly watched as Dory continued her fun adventure to be reunited with her family.

We adored this movie, it was an amazing sequel to Nemo and most defiantly worth the wait, An amazing movie of family and friendship and determination which will warm every heart.