Saturday 11 June 2016

Our Wild Adventure: Chessington World Of Adventures

I have many fond memories of visiting Chessington World Of Adventures when I was younger, So it was great to finally take my own children and let them experience a day of fun and adventure for themselves.

Our journey to Chessington was simple we got on the train from London Waterloo and traveled the 30-minute journey to Chessington South and then from there its a 10-minute walk to Chessington World Of Adventure. The kids were super excited and had already planned out their day by choosing which rides they wanted to go on first.

As soon as we arrived you could feel the excitement and the buzz in the air the weather was great and we were really looking forward to our day ahead. On arrival, we were given a map to help us navigate around we had managed to arrive just before the park opened as we wanted to make the most of our day. Here are just a few highlights of our day!

We headed straight to Transylvania to the Vampire ride Chessington's swinging roller coaster, the kids were a little nervous as we the watched the ride swoop and swing above our heads through the trees, Luckily we only waited for 15 minutes to get on which was great, we loved every minute of the ride and the boys were glad they had got on. This has to be one of my favorite rides, defiantly a ride for those who like an adventure.

After the adventure of the Vampire Ride, we opted for something a little more gentle and headed to Bubbleworks, Bubbleworks is a dark water ride the kids loved this especially as we got slightly wet as we passed through fountains.

On our journey between each ride, there were lots delicious snack shops which offered a host of food, and drinks which kept us refreshed and energised during our day.

Myself and my eldest sons favorite ride was Zufari and although we waited for 40 minutes it was most defiantly worth it, Zufari took us on a journey into Africa the off-road safari trail gave us the chance to be up and close to some of the world's most amazing animals, it was awesome to be so close.

Overall we managed to get on eleven rides and although we were all exhausted, we had such an amazing time and cannot wait to go back again and explore the other rides and areas we didn't get the chance to see.


Chessington World Of Adventures is a fun day out for the whole family and defiantly has something for everyone, Its worth checking height restrictions before queueing up for a rides as we did notice that some people hadn't and were turned away, We checked height restrictions at home using the Chessington mobile phone App as we wanted to save time and any disappointments, it also made it easier to plan our day, the app has lots of information you will need from rides and what you can expect,as well as queuing times, along with a location map which is really useful.

Thank you Chessington World Of Adventures for a wild day, we have so many amazing memories we cannot wait to come back and make more.


Chessington has a host of adventures from Over 40 rides and attractions, Chessington Zoo & SEA LIFE centre, Live Shows & Events as well as Two Resort Hotels and Glamping, Prices start from as little as £27.60 if you book online. For more information check out