Thursday 23 June 2016

Wyke Cheese

I can't even begin to describe how much I love cheese, I will happily eat it anytime of the day alone in small chunks or as part of a meal, So imagine my delight when I was given the opportunity to try all three varieties of cheese from Wykes. I'm no stranger to Wyke's cheese and have had it many times before so its great to share my thoughts with you on how delicious this cheeses really are.

I was given these three varieties Extra Mature, Vintage, and Mature each cheese has a slightly different taste but very moreish.

Extra Mature -  This delicious cheese is full of flavour I had this tasty toasted cheese sandwiches and loved every single bite.

Vintage Cheddar - This cheese is truly scrumptious and is has a wonderful rich taste and is perfect with my cheese crackers.

Mature and Creamy Cheddar - This is my usual go to cheese a deliciously rich cheese full of flavour with a creamy taste, I love this cheese sandwiched between an egg omelette its the perfect snack when I'm hungry.


Wkye cheeese has a lovely texture and all of the cheeses I tried are very moreish, Wyke cheeses are developed and made by Wyke farm, a family farm who have been sharing their award-winning cheddar in the heart of the Somerset for over 150 years. For more information onWyke Cheese's along with Wykes other products and recipe ideas check out Wyke Farms.