Saturday 18 June 2016

Total Action Football

The boys are huge football fans  to celebrate Euro 2016 we are excited to try Total Action Football game from John Adams. Total Action Football is a cool table top football game where you can reenact your very own favorite football matches. It didn't take too long to put the game together, we simply linked together the barriers and added the cloth pitch and we were surprised how easy it was and how wonderfully big it was on completion.

The boys couldn't wait to put their skills to the test, Its great that each player has a magnetic action which allows you to pass and skill the magnetic ball around the pitch to other players, the diving goalkeepers are easy to maneuver as are the players, the power strikers are really cool as you can twist them and they will release a power strike, the game is fun and easy to play, the cool kick off action is great. The boys loved playing Total Action Football its a fun game with lintless possibilities. 

I loved the fact the game is easy to store you simply just take it apart which is a great space saver. We played the game both on the carpet and the table and defiantly recommend playing on hard service for more power and action moves. We love Toal Action Football and are looking forward to challenging each other to knock out matches, Each game of Toal Action Football comes with!!!

With 10 players included with magnetic action .
2 Diving Keepers
2 Power Strikers
1 Playing Mat Pitch
2 Goals
4 Corner Flags
2 Magnetic Footballs
Game instructions and Stickers

Total Action Football is great for two to four players aged 6 and over and its RRP price is £24,99 from all good toy superstores.