Thursday 2 June 2016

MARVEL’S CIVIL WAR Super Hero Airport Battle

We love LEGO so we were delighted when LEGO and Marvel joined forces once again to unveil buildable playsets based on the new Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie.

We were really excited to get our hands on this cool Super Hero Airport Battle RRP £69.99, The cool battle airport features an air traffic control tower with two different exploding functions and a luggage cart with exploding function rear trailer which sends the suitcase through the air.

We loved the cool fold out the wings of the dual cockpit Quinjet, the hatch drops to reveal a rope for Captain America to grab. Then turn the switch to unleash the jet’s hidden stud shooters. the set also features six minifigures with accessories: Captain America, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, War Machine and Agent 13. As well as an Ant-Man microfigure and large Giant Man figure. 

The new Marvel Super Heroes LEGO® collection is available from 1st March 2016.  For more details visit LEGO.Com - MARVEL SUPERHEROES