Sunday 4 May 2014

The Moscow State Circus - Review

We were delighted and ever so excited to attend the Moscow State Circus.
We had been to a little circus a few years ago, but I had always wanted to attend the Moscow State Circus, as we knew it was one of the best Circus's around.
 We really couldn't wait. I knew it would be a real treat, and we wasn't disappointed.

We sat a the ringside anticipating what would happen, and to our boys delight the circus kicked off with some extremely funny slap stick comedy, Throughout We were entertained with thrills of flipping, spinning and jumping and an amazing vertical juggling act, we sat in awe at the awesome acts of strengths and talent.

As the amazing acrobatics kept us on the edge of our seats as they performed heart stopping and breathtaking flips through the air, After each act we were thirsty for more, as each act gripped and enthralled us, I have never seen nothing like this ever, each awesome act delivered a totally unique and spectacular performance that left us gasping with delight.

We sat entertained and totally absorbed as we were dazzled by the amazing skills and talents.

Amazing strength and skills kept us on the edge of our seats, anticipating the next move.

We have never been so entertained, we had the most amazing time ever, I cannot wait for the Moscow Sate Circus to come again to my town again, I have never been so amazed and entertained, it has to be seen to be truly believed.
A truly fantastic evening and wonderful family memory.

We were given tickets to attend the Moscow State Circus - All thoughts are genuine and of our own.