Monday 12 May 2014

Only Fools and Horses

We had a wonderful trip to Southend On Sea. We headed out to spend the day together and enjoy some quality family time by the sea. 
Unexpectedly whilst heading for our favorite destination Southend Pier, we noticed that there was a Only Fools and Horses exhibition taking place at the end of the pier for a limited period of time. 

And at a fantastic price of £7 pound for a family, we knew it was a one off opportunity we wouldn't want to miss.

Now where can I start in telling you how much my hubby and boys adore Only Fools and Horses...well if I say we have seen all the re-run episodes on Sky Gold and we also own the boxsets of DVDs which is watched regularly!!! gives you a small little clue on how much they like the show.........oh yes and also my son already has picked and remembered some of his favorite punch lines
"Look out margate, and lock up your daughters" - yep this is just one!!!!

As we arrived we were in for a treat, the exhibition wasn't huge, but had some amazing classic props/clothing and furniture from the actual set, We were also lucky enough to meet actress Sue Holderness who plays Marlene, She was lovely and a very friendly lady.

We were in awe at the amazing collection and loved every minute of the exhibition.

Seeing some of the classic items from our favorite episodes was great.


From scripts from the show to the Lesser watch - which saw Del-boy and Rodney finally become a millionaires.

The classic sign of Nelson Mandela House.

If you are an Only Fools and Horses fan and stay updated on forth coming exhibitions and events visit 

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