Saturday 31 May 2014


I cant tell you how excited we are to become Magno-Z ambassadors, when we first saw Magno-Z, We loved them straight away, Magno-Z are cool colourful stretchy little dudes with funky hair and have the most amazing expressions you have every seen.

Magno-Z are hair-ee and funky with springy coiled arms and legs which make great stretchy magnetic fun. With six colours and nine different characters, there are over 50 to collect. Each character has a different name and personality, Very addictive and poseable, pocket-money play. Patented magnetic connectors mean that you can attach your Magno-Z characters to any metal surface. Decorate a metal bookshelf or fridge – or accessorise your bike or scooter. They stick together, so you can use them to make fun jewellery or funky hair decorations.  
Since our Magno-Z characters have arrived we have been having endless fun.

They boys having been attaching them to the radiators, letting the Magno-Z do some awesome acrobatic poses.

 We love the magnetic attachments, We can link and attach our Magno-Z almost anywhere.

The boys had a great time attaching the Magno-Z on to their bunk bed and creating amazing shapes.

You can do almost anything thing with the Magno-Z, they are great fun to stretch, link together or attach and if you are like me, style that crazy hair. Endless fun. 

I'm sure we will be collecting the entire range as they are just so cool we love them, and you don't have to worry about where you going to put them!! simply find the nearest metal object and your sure never to loose them, Awesome.

The boys knew how much I loved Magno-Z so they gave me one of my very own one called Mary, she now lives on my fridge x
I wanted to share this really cool video of Magno-Z it certainly got us excited about the cool little dudes, 

To be honest I cant stop singing this theme tune, I think I'm driving the boys crazy xxxx

Magno-Z will soon be available from Smyths Toys, Amazon,
The Entertainer,Toymaster and all good Toy Stores.

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