Thursday 29 May 2014

Disney's Maleficent - Movie Review

Maleficent is well known as the villain from the classic 1969 Sleeping Beauty, As a huge fan of the animated movie, I was extremely excited to attend the screening of Maleficent, 

Maleficent tells the untold story of this well known villain. To to be honest I was expecting a very dark movie  but I was pleasantly surprised as Maleficent has unexpected twists, I couldn't have possibly imagined.

The movie began with a young Maleficent living in the Moorlands of the Forest kingdom, until one day maleficent's life changed forever when she met a young boy called Stefan who has dreams he would one day become king , A beautiful friendship develops but due to Stefan (Sharlito Copley) dreams and human desires Maleficent soon found herself alone once again, with Stefan heart and desires firmly set it wasn't long until Stefan dreams could finally become his reality with an evil twist.

Years later an army tried to invade Maleficent's (Angelina Jolie) home land the forest kingdom, Maleficent stood firm to protect the land and defeated the army, but then a visit from a Stefan leads to an unforgettable and very moving betrayal.

Stefan finally has the opportunity to claim his desired place as king, with Maleficent paying a high price. Maleficent is so hurt and and betrayed , we finally see maleficent turn into the evil character that we know and love...consumed with hurt and hatred, Maleficent take the opportunity to seek revenge on the birth of king Stefan's daughter Aurora played by (Elle Fanning).

But as the years pass by Maleficent's hate for Aurora slowly subsidies, and we are taken on a very beautiful journey of and friendship along with a heavy dose of true love, which give a whole new twist on Maleficent's character.

The move was amazing a must watch movie, The graphics were awesome and I felt drawn into the 3D effects of the movie, with a thrilling enchanting story line.
 I was entertained throughout leaving us drawn into Maleficent's world.

I very much enjoyed every aspect of this movie and I really want to watch it again, A great family movie, Rated at PG suitable for older children over 7 years due to the subtle scariness of Maleficent and some of the battle scenes. 

My boys thoroughly enjoyed the movie and our favorite term at the moments is the line "well" "well" " well", great entertaining movie defiantly not to be missed.