Saturday 24 May 2014

New Cadbury Dairy Milk Lu Sweet Biscuit and Ritz Crackers - Review

I Carnot hide it ! I'm a huge chocolate fan, I had seen the new Cadburys Ritz bars in my local supermarket but surprisingly I hasn't tried them, so when I was given the opportunity to sample Cadbury Dairy Milk Lu and Ritz bars I was ecstatic.

The Cadbury bars are new and totally different to any chocolate bar I had ever seen or tasted, The chocolate bars come in two delicious varieties LU Sweet Biscuit and Ritz Moreish Crackers each bar comes in a cool squarish shaped bar with four mini segments, each tasty square biscuit is nestled and sandwiched between delicious creamy Dairy Milk chocolate, and not only is the chocolate sandwiched inside, but also around the entire edge of the bar,The creamy dairy milk chocolate was thick and delicious and extremely tasty - Here are my thoughts of each of the two varieties.

Ritz Moreish Crackers
I really adore the salty taste of the Ritz Cracker teamed with the Sweet Dairy Milk Chocolate, every bite was a real tasty treat, I really love the salty sweet combination. I totally enjoyed this chocolate bar and yes it lives up to its very moreish name as well as being totally delicious. The perfect savoury sweet snack for any time if the day.

Ritz Crackers with thick dairy Milk Chocolate, Sweet & Salty delicious.

LU Sweet Biscuit
Dairy Milk Lu Sweet Biscuit  is a super tasty sweet biscuit combined with the creamy Dairy Milk chocolate and a sweet tasty crunch of the biscuit, its tasted absolutely delicious, perfect for nibbling on, The biscuit was very delicious and the combination of the biscuit and Dairy Milk chocolate tasted amazing  I love the extra thick chocolate edging its a real treat.

LU Biscuits creamy and chocolate in every bite with a crunchy sweet biscuit texture simply Divine.

Cadbury Dairy Milk LU and Ritz are available in 35g bars each with four mini segments and RRP £0.58
Also available is a three bar muiltipacks for only RRP £1.49 

I love these new Cadbury Dairy Milk bars, My favorite has to be the Ritz cracker combination, I really loved the salty sweet taste, Absolutely delicious, I would most defiantly will buy both varieties again, as they went down very well with the whole family 10/10 from us.

Now a must have on my shopping list x

I was given the Cadbury Dairy Milk bars to try, all thought and opinions are that of  my own and I share my honest opinions on this product.