Coco Caramel Shreddies - Review

We are huge Shreddies fans, We begin most mornings with our favourite bowl of Shreddies, The boys love the Chocolate Shreddies,
So we were super excited to try the New Coco Caramel Shreddies.

As I opened the packaging an amazing waft of caramel greeted me, My favourite little malty squares, but now with a caramel twist, Hastily I made a bowl of the Coco Caramel Shreddies with some hot milk, I couldn't wait to tuck in. 
The Coco Caramel Shreddies tasted amazing, if you have ever had the Chocolate Shreddies and you know how good they taste, well these Shreddies have a hint of caramel flavour which gives them a tasty kick, But not to overpowering in flavour, but a very subtle hint of caramel in every bite.
My boys loved them just as much as I did, and they have been having them everyday since.

Coco Caramel  Shreddies are not only extremely tasty, but they are full of whole wheat goodness, high in fibre and full of vitamins and iron, which make them the perfect way to start the day.

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