Tuesday 27 May 2014

Upbeat High Protein Dairy Drink - Review

Upbeat has launched National Protein Week (26-31st May 2014) A week to educate people on the often 'forgotten nutrient' protein and the important role it plays in the body, in helping people feel full. Many people report they stop feeling hungry after eating protein. Protein is especially important in the morning as it helps to set you up for the day, so you’re more likely to resist the temptation of the biscuit tin - keeping you on track throughout the day. However, seven out of 10 Brits (68%) consume the majority of their protein at dinner, leaving a significant gap in Brits eating the right amount of protein at breakfast, which would set them up for the day. And if that wasn't enough, protein contributes to the maintenance of healthy muscles and bones, keeps skin and hair looking healthy and supports the immune system – keeping you at your best.

I was delighted to try upbeat, as a busy working mother of two boys, I'm always on the go, I often start with very early mornings and find I'm still on the go into the night, on top of my busy working schedule I often try and exercise so my lifestyle is generally very active as well as being quite chaotic. After reading the research I think i took for granted how important the role of protein plays in my diet and how little protein I'm actually consuming after checking my daily consumption needs i defiantly not getting enough protein, which has really made think.

I really love upbeat it comes to two amazing flavours Strawberry and Mango & Passion Fruit and each serving contains 20g of high quality whey protein. Upbeat is deliciously tasty and smooth, each drink comes in a 250ml bottle and costs around £1.79, perfect for when I'm on the go.

Upbeat is packed full of fresh protein and fruit puree, Upbeat helps you to get just the right amount of protein you need to support your stamina throughout the day. Available in a convenient 250ml bottle, Upbeat is a truly healthy drink that helps you to get your protein when life takes over - perfect for busy people on the go. What is more, the protein in Upbeat is from whey (a high-quality protein that’s found naturally in milk) that contains all nine essential amino acids that your body cannot make, so they must come from the diet.

Upbeat have shared some amazing research and facts about protein including its benefits and also the misconceptions many of us make.

Millions of Brits are baffled by protein according to new research, which today reveals 81% have absolutely no idea how much protein they should consume daily and, worryingly, more than one in ten (11%) believe chocolate, beer and wine to be good sources!

The new study, conducted by fresh dairy drink Upbeat also found that a further one in five (17%) wrongly believe that all protein-rich foods are unhealthy and high in fat, while a fifth (19%) don’t realise that it is essential to consume protein daily.

Top ten items Brits mistakenly believe are good sources of protein

1.     Cereal
2.     Pasta
3.     Butter
4.     Rice
5.     Chocolate
6.     Beer  & Wine
7.     Biscuits
8.     Chips
9.     Instant noodles
10.  Crisps

The research went on to uncover that two out of three Brits (73%) suffer from energy dips during the week. Of those that do, more than half (55%) experience them at around 3-4pm.

When hunger strikes, a staggering one in two (55%) opt for chocolate, crisps and sweets as their go-to snack. No surprise then, that one in three Brits (35%) admit that they experience below average amounts of energy throughout the day, in terms of how energetic and productive they are.
Dr Adam Carey, nutritional health and wellness expert commented: "Only recently are people beginning to wake up to the benefits of having protein sufficient diets. It's the jewel in the crown when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet and staying in control of wellness goals. Where before protein was hard to consume while on-the-go, it's now easier than ever with high protein dairy drinks such as Upbeat."

Mark Neville, Founder of The Good Whey Co., the company behind Upbeat said: "We're on a mission to educate the nation on the importance and many benefits of protein, helping Brits to make healthier choices. Creating National Protein Week will hopefully help people to understand how protein and Upbeat, a convenient and healthy source of protein, can help keep them going throughout the day. Our ultimate goal is to spread the word on the vital role protein plays not only in supporting day-to-day fitness and wellbeing but also helping people get more of that upbeat feeling!"

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