Saturday 1 October 2016


We love playing family games, so we could wait to play this cool BANANAGRAMS Party Edition, BANANAGRAMS Party adds a cool spin on the original BANANAGRAMS to help mark the 10th Bananaversary. Inside each BANANAGRAMS Party edition Banana case you get: 114 Tiles and 14 Party Tiles and game play instructions.

How To Play:
1. Put all of the  tiles face down on the table, share out the tiles accordingly eg
2-4 players 21 tiles, 5-6 players 15 tiles, 7-8 players 11 tiles. the party tiles are added to the rest of the Bunch
2. To start a player yells "Split!" Players then turn over their tiles and race to arrange them in their own connecting, intersecting word grid. No one takes turns, you all play together! Be the first to use all your letters!
3. Whenever a player gets a tricky letter, you can "Dump" it and put it back, but you then must take three tiles in exchange.
4. If a player has used the last of their letters, the person calls "Peel" and everyone including the person who says "Peel", must take another tile and fit it into their grid.
5. The party tiles add a fun element to the game, When you draw a party tile from the Bunch you must use it immediately,  Each tile holds its own special action, allowing the receiving player to bestow chaos on the victim of your choice, some tiles have cool one off action whilst others continue. The instructions inside Bbanangram give you more information on the tiles and their actions, as the each has a cool party powers, which can help you foil your opponent and ultimately win!! 

BANANAGRAMS Party edition is a fun family game that the whole family will love, perfect for those family games nights. The kids will especially love the party tiles as they add an extra excitement and mystery to the game.

BANANAGRAMS Party (RRP £14.99, ages 10+) is available now at stores including Waterstones, WH Smith John Lewis and Ocado as well independent shops throughout the UK.