Tuesday 18 October 2016

Sittingwell back support cushion: review

After bending and lifting during my day job working with children, I very often get a lower back ache, which usually means I need the extra back support when sitting down, and as nice as my leather sofa is, I don't feel it gives me the lower back support that I need.

We have a deep-seated leather sofa and l often use a small sponge cushions to help give me that extra support as if I don't my back often feels quite sore. so I was delighted to get my hands on a Sittingwell Cushion. Sittingwell Cushions are, extremely supportive and are designed to give you the extra back support as they are made with a firm foam followed by a soft supportive cushioning.
When I first used the Sittingwell cushion I could immediately feel that my lower back was supported, I was comfortable and relaxed and now I can't sit without it.
The great thing about the Sittingwell cushion is that by simply adding a cushion cover it can fit in with your room decor.

I was amazed how much the Sittingwell cushion supported my back, it stopped my back hurting and was so comfortable that my husband now wants one. Sittingwell cushions come in feather padded or polyester padded and prices start from £45. Check out www.sittingwell/at-home/cushion and on http://facebook.com/sittingwell. This short video shows how the Sittingwell cushion supports your back.