Sunday 9 October 2016

PlayStation Family Day Event

The kids love playing PlayStation , So we were all really excited to head into central London for the PlayStation family event.

As soon as we entered there were an array of different games to choose from, the kids opted for their favourites, Here are our top favorite three,

Fifa 17 - My son adores this game and had a great time playing a few matches playing in the Premier League, He loved the FIFA story mode where he could watch the story unfold and on and off the pitch where you follow the journey of Alex Hunter, my son loved that he could choose Alex's reactions and help him make decisions, which contributed to the story mode to ultimately get Alex into the Premier league,

Tricky Towers - My favorite game for the afternoon was Tricky Towers, and myself and my sister had the opportunity to battle it out as we had a go, I delighted to say that I won the first round but she quickly back the second time around to draw one all. It was a great game and lots of fun, defiantly something I would be happy to play for hours.

The aim of Tricky Towers is to outsmart your opponent and build your tower out of tetrominoes in this frantic action-puzzler, there are a few magic tricks you can use to help mess your opponent's tower which was fun, as you battle it out to build the highest tower and reach the finish line.


My son and nephew had a great time playing Minecraft.  Minecraft is that is a limitless game with endless possibilities, all you need is imagination and you can build and craft whatever you desire, the boys certainly spend a long creating their cool looking home.


Thank you Playstation for a fabulous afternoon. It was great to check out all of the variety of family games from Skylanders to Little BigPlanet there is defiantly something to suit everyone's taste and gaming ability. For more about the PlayStation and the games, I have talked about check out If you would like some parental information on PlayStation on how to stay safe and have fun then download this PDF Guide Parents Guide To PlayStation.