Saturday 15 October 2016


Activia has launched a fantastic new campaign which looks to inspire and help women find their ‘In Sync’ moments,Activia believes that women can achieve their goals and feel their best when they feel InSync and have a sense of harmony, order, and control.

Women across the globe are being encouraged to find their Insync moments as recent research reveals the barriers women face in reaching their greatest potential and how they can overcome them a global study, undertaken by Google and Global WebIndex on behalf of Danone Activia, looks at the common factors that hold women back from achieving their goals. Women’s inner critic was a common barrier identified, with 59% of women admitting it holds them back at work and 62% admitting it can negatively impact their personal life

The InSync campaign features stories from inspirational women from Victoria Pendleton and Katherine Jenkins, they both reflect on their lives and the ways that they stay InSync- balance career success, family life and finding personal fulfilment.

Welsh opera singer, Katherine Jenkins OBE - Welsh singer, Katherine Jenkins said
"I always want to put on the best show I can, every single night while I’m performing.  I absolutely love singing live and always look forward to going on tour.  I feel so lucky that I get to do it as my job.  Ensuring that I give can give my best on stage takes a lot of preparation, both mentally and physically.  Working with Activia, I have been able to give my fans, and women across the UK and Ireland, a view into my recording studio, how I prepare for my performances, and what I can achieve when I am feeling InSync.”

British Olympian, Victoria Pendleton shared the following ‘As an athlete, I was so focused on my body and being in tune about how I was feeling at all times. Most athletes will have their own routine to ‘get them in the zone’ and I was no different.  I used to think of it as being InSync.  Being part of this campaign has given me an opportunity to share my story of the balance of eating well, sleeping well, and making sure my mind is free from distractions, as some of the keys to my success.  I hope other women find inspiration from my experiences.’

Activia has also created an online quiz on the brand’s redesigned website .  In just 8 questions, they can identify how they may be most likely to find their InSync moments and get tips and advice. Activia’s website ( gives women the chance to share their InSync stories via social media channels.