BEAR Fruit Yo Yo's

We are huge fans BEAR Yo Yo's, not only do the kids love them, but I do too, I will often carry a pack in my bag for when I get hungry as they are perfect snack whilst on the go! Bears pure fruit Yo Yo's come in individual packs or boxes of five, each individual pack contains 2 fruit rolls, and they come in six delicious flavours Strawberry,Apple,Blackcurrant,Mango,Raspberry,Pineapple.

Bear Yo Yo's contain 100% pure fruit and have no added or artificial ingredients, they also count as one of your five a day. and they taste delicious.

BEAR Yo Yo;s RRP single packs £0.69, Box of 5 RRP £2.29


  1. We love these in my house. My son loves the little cards you get in, especially if it's a glittery one! I like that you get 2 in the pack so my kids can share them on the school run. We also have that bag too!

  2. We love these too! My kids share them on the school run as there are conveniently 2 in the pack and my son loves to collect the cards. We are about to send our ten packets off as we've been collecting them. Fun! We also have the same bag as you too.


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