Saturday 15 October 2016

The Angry Birds: Frubes Moves

Frubes has partnered with The Angry Birds Movie to bring a cool dance-off between the Angry Birds and Pigs, so we were delighted to take part and head over to and join in by selecting our favourite Angry Birds character, choose your desired dance move and letting them battle it out on the dance floor. Also, there are some cool masks available to download so you can join in at home.


The boys used to love going to street dance club every week at school, so they certainly have a few moves they can share and I have two left feet so I will stick to watching the kids and those Angry Bird professionals.

The boys love Frubes, especially the strawberry flavoured ones, Frubes are easy to carry as part of a packed lunch and are great for on the go but they contain Vitamin D and Calcium which is great for kids growing bones. For more information check out