Thursday 18 October 2012

Another Reason to be cheerful #R2BC

Nearing the end of another week I have several reasons to be cheerful....

I recently attend at fab family event hosted by Haier at the science museum ..myself and my boys had so much fun participating in science was a shame hubby couldn't join us..due to work commitments... and we are now fully stocked to recreate the science experiments at home this weekend. Oooh scared its going to be messy!!!!
For more on our day Haier-family-event-at-science-museum.html
I need some Bling

I'm off shopping with hubby on Friday... Oooh  I can't wait need a new outfit, as its the festival of Eid next week and I need to look my best..we normally have a huge family gathering with lots of laughs and food...
I hope my hubby's ready to shop till he drops.

Reading Eggs...Fun and Educational

I'm having lots of fun with my boys trailing Reading Eggs - an educational reading program which is filled with activities yet very educational and fun...I will blog and review it at a later date.