Friday 19 October 2012

What's in the Bag - Activity

What you will Need
Bag/Pillow case/Large Paper Bag
A selection of around 5-6 various Teddy,spoon,banana

Talking and playing with your child is a great way for them to learn new words...turn off the TV and set aside some quite time, as it will make your child feel important and involved..
A good way to start this activity is with a little song....
"Whats in the bag" "Whats in the bag"
"Come and have a look" Come and have a look"

Let your child/children take turns and choose object
look at your child excitedly to see if they can tell you what it is...
if your child doesn't tell you straight away you can say "This is a .... and wait then introduce the first sound of the letter to encourage b..b..(ball)...
you may also help by giving choices is it a ball or a teddy.
you can also extend your child's language by asking" what do we do with it" and encourage your child to talk about the objects function.

Other Ideas
Older children - feel  and guess first without looking
you can also make Bags and using a group of pacific items eg Animal Bag or Colours Bag

What will my child learn
Introduction of new words...
Describe and respond what they are seeing/feeling
Express thoughts and feelings
Develop curiosity
Turn taking