Tots 100 Baby Competition - Caught in the Fridge

Tots 100 are holding a Baby Photo competition.....I could not resist....I have so many Baby pictures of my boys...I knew this was going to be a hard choice.

This one was taken when my eldest was just over a year old...
I could hear a muffled mmmm... noise coming from the kitchen...I popped my head around the door and saw Zak in the fridge.... munching on what turned out to be chocolate ... I ran in to the living room grabbed my phone, and  he looked up at me just as I took the picture,... so here he is.... caught in the act holding the chocolate looking a little shocked.....and surprised to see me.
I have no idea how he got in the fridge, I only can presume the fridge door was not closed properly ...
well it made his day....cheeky.
I will never let Zak forget this cheeky moment....its one of those stories, I will be reminding him of
in years to come.

Tots 100 have teamed up with Boots Mother and Baby to give one lucky blogger the chance to win £500 to spend on Mother and Baby Products at boots.... it's also a fab opportunity to look back on those early years and reminisce at those funny moments.

This blog post has been written as an entry into the Tots100 competition in association with Boots Mother and Baby


  1. Ah that is so funny! Definitely the opportune moments that make the best photos! What a fab snap ;) x

  2. Aaaw thanks xxx I really enjoyed looking at all my boys baby pics xxxx #memorys

  3. how funny - that photo really made me laugh! my son once managed to 'steal' some raisins and hide them away for later when he was only about 1 year old but to catch him actually in the fridge like that - hee hee! love it! x

  4. What a fab pic - one to use when he gets older to embarrass him too!

  5. Oh this is so cute! My twins used to try and climb through the cat flap which made us chuckle, but never managed it into the fridge lol!

    1. That would be a fab picture lol of them climbing though catflap xxx kids they do funny things xxx


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