Cravendale Epic Straws Inventions

Creating Epic Straws
We received two pack of Cravendale Epic Straws kits courtesy of  BritMums - to create and design our own Epic Straws inventions.
As a family who love milk this was an exciting challenge......We couldn't wait to get started.....Let the slurping begin !!!

Upon opening the pack we had instructions that we could use or we could use our here come the imagination.....
My boys were so engrossed creating and inventing their own Epic Straw designs...and sat attentively fitting the Epic Straws together.
Getting Creative
They even attempted to link both designs together creating a shared invention .. 
They had so much fun, and even began to experiment by blowing bubbles in the milk and creating milk volcanoes... messy but loads of fun....Then the racing began to see who could drink the most milk....

Ready Steady Drink !!!!
Blowing Bubbles....Milk Volcanoes

To get your hands on your very own Cravendale Epic Straws all you need to do is collect Ten codes from special 2 Litre Bottles of Cravendale Milk...and you can then have hours of fun creating and designing your Epic Straw inventions....Simple yet so much fun.
To find out more information on Cravendale's Epic Straws please Visit


  1. Adorable boys, it looks like you had fun!

    1. Thanks...lots of mess after the milk volcanoes...But soooo much fun xxx

  2. Great post, even dare I say it EPIC!

  3. Wow! I wish I'd got involved with that - those straws are fab fun. Although to be honest my boy only needs one straw to soak the table and me at the same time!


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