Wednesday 10 October 2012

Getting to know you - Blogger Facts About Me

I have been tagged by The Mums To Do List

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Five Random Facts About Me........

1- I live in the East End of London

2- I work as a Nursery Practitioner

3- My family are my main focus in life

4- I like a good moan

5- Other then that I'm generally a very happy person.

The Mums To Do List  5 Questions to me....

1- How would you like you blog to develop.... I'm hoping to add more of my Early Years Education Experience on my blog in the near future.

2- What time of the day do you blog....I tend to blog when I have a spare few minutes, but mostly of an evening.

3- Do you have any regrets in terms of what you have done as a parent so far....defiantly not .... I'm happy with my parenting techniques.. xx

4- What is your ideal job if you could return to work/start work... I'm quite Lucky I work with children and my hours are between 11 and 2.30 each day which allows me to take and collect my children from school.
I have been at in my current job for ten years so I'm very settled.

4-How do your family feel about you blog... My family are very supportive.

The blogs I Tagged

My questions to those I have tagged

1- What you life's ambition
2- Whats you best blogger post so far
3- Why do you blog
4- Where do you see your blog in a years time
5- What do you do in your spare time eg Hobby.... other then blogging