Is your Mobile Phone a Necessity or Luxury

Could you live without your mobile you need it...Does it have to be a Smartphone or will anything do.

As a working mother of two boys, my phone is very important to me ...
As Its....
my emergency contact for all my family....
my email (personal) and most importantly my camera for when I'm out with the family.... to catch those precious moments.
I also tend to write or draft most of my blog posts via blogger app until I can get the opportunity to sit at the computer.
OK I know it's a luxury as I have i phone 4s which I love.... and its on a monthly contract..... So due to the cost I would say its a luxury... But I don't think I could ever be phone free completely.. mainly because of emergency contact reasons, So even if I had to have a cheaper phone on a pay as you go contract.... I would want one for emergency reasons.

As my life is quite hectic its a good way to have daily chats with my mother who I talk to on the way to work and to stay in touch with people I don't get to see very often....So having a phone gives me more communication options..whilst on the go.

Remember those old Skool days when we didn't have mobile phones, we still managed to get by and communicate ....Technology has advanced so much over the last few years, that most people own a mobile phone... even children have them...

Do children really need a mobile phone and if so what age is appropriate - sitting here now with boys only six and seven I can say - my children won't need mobile phones...but will I change my mind, once they are older....

Is it an expectation of society..... that we should be available all the time!!! Via our mobile phones...

Most people rate there mobile phones as a item of necessity that they couldn't live without...what about you....

Should children have mobile phones!!!!

Is your phone a necessity or a luxury!!!!


  1. My mobile is a necessity, but I could downgrade to a cheaper type of phone if needed, the fact that I have a smartphone is a luxury.

    Ps. You've been tagged in a meme. I'd love you to pop over to and have a read of my Getting to Know you post, then answer the questions I have asked in your own lovely post. Thanks xx

  2. Hi just come over from Britmums. I have only just got my Iphone and I am not sure how I lived without it! I must say I don't like the expectation that my husband is available to work 24/7 through his phone is one I like though

    1. I do love my i phone......I'm so used to having a phone it would be hard not to have one x

  3. There is no way I could live without my phone! I email on it, blog on it and tweet on it, however I don't think children need them until they spend time away from their parents and are actually old enough to understand what it is for.


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