Tuesday 16 October 2012

Total Greek Yogurt - Review

Thank you FAGE  for the Total Greek Yogurts xxx
Fage UK Limited producers of Total Greek Yoghurt sent me some of their delicious split pot yoghurts to taste and review...which is fab as myself and my family adore Total Yoghurts and buy them on a regular basis...Not only because they contain 0% fat... but they are higher in protein than other yoghurts ... they also have a thick and creamy texture and come complete with a side portion of fruity compote or Honey..most importantly the Total Greek Yoghurt contains no added sugar, sweeteners or additives.
Which is perfect for us as a family who tries to eat healthily.

My son...Enjoying Total Greek Yoghurt
The Total Greek Yoghurts are great when you're on the go...and are a delicious and a guilt-free treat...
I often have one as late night snack..when craving something sweet. My favourite has to be the Total Yogurt- Strawberry...whilst my husband opts for the Total Yoghurt - Honey...My children also love the creamy texture and taste of these fabulous Total Greek split pot Yoghurts and will often have them as lunch box treats.

We were lucky enough to try a new and exciting flavour...Raspberry & Pomegranate..which was divine and so tasty its defiantly going on our shopping list.

New Total 0% Raspberry & Pomegranate  

For more information on Total Greek Yogurts and where you can purchase these yummy Total Split Pot Greek Yoghurts and for fabulous recipe Ideas please visit Total Greek Yoghurt

Total 0% Honey
Total 0% Strawberry
Total 0% Blueberry