Food For Thought....Traffic Light Food System

Its been on the news over the past few days...That the Government are announcing plans to introduce a standardised food labeling system to help us consumers.....

A press release issued today - Stated that the UK has a large number of food products with food labels at the front of  packaged food products...research has shown  that most of us get confused by the overwhelming amount of information.

Using the food traffic light system us consumers will be able to see at a glance what we are purchasing and what our food products contain...not only will this enable us to make healthy choices when purchasing foods it will also help us control our Calorie/Salt Intake.... especially in our children...

The system will be based on Traffic Light Colour Coded System where......

Green will be low levels
Yellow will be medium levels
Red for high levels

This will be apparent for foods which contain or are high in...
and Calorie Content
Most manufacturers already use this system but can use it in different styles and colours which can cause confusion.The new labeling system will  be standardised.
Expected to be introduced by summer 2013.

Contents present...But not apparent unless you read label.

Much more visual and apparent on content levels.

As a parent whole hearty welcome this system I hate looking for calorie content and salt content on back of packs...
OK I admit I'm a normal mum on the go.... who doesn't ALWAYS look on the packs to see what I'm purchasing SO even more reason why I think this is a positive move..
With food content levels being much more apparent and visual it defiantly makes a difference in the food
I purchase...and the way I shop... the Traffic light System makes me more conscious of what I could be feeding my children and putting into my own body.
Its also a good way to educate our children on the food they eat.. especially when they are out shopping with us, As the visual colour system gives us an immediate acknowledgement whether the food we intend to purchase is a healthy option or not.


  1. I too look at the traffic light system when purchasing food, helps me make a quick decision xx

  2. Same here...I hate it when its not clear... especially on some childrens yogurt brands,

  3. That's a really good way to label the foods, so easy to see what it has right off.

  4. Hello- just found you via Britmums! I completely agree re: food labelling. I am astonished the food industry managed to hold off on mandatory traffic light labelling for so long, to be honest. Things like cereal bars and low fat foods are particular offenders. I like to think my husband is a reasonably intelligent man, but he was *astonished* at how sugary cereal bars are...

    1. its so true..and you automatically thick low fat is the healthy option

  5. Hi, I just followed the link from Britmums too - this is an important topic to write about - good on ya! I find traffic lights quite helpful too, but we need to remember they're aimed at adult dietary needs. We feed young kids full fat milk which gets a red flag. I tend to look at ingredients too - I find it easier to understand what's in a product (especially for sugars as I get really confused between how the traffic lights show up naturally occurring sugars and added ones). I often wait till I'm home to look at labels properly as shopping can be a bit frantic. If I've bought a dud, I don't worry too much, just don't buy it again.

  6. Thank you...I often do the don't always get time to read packaging in store... especially if you have the kids with you!!!


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