Tuesday 20 November 2012

Deep Heat Rub & Deep Freeze Gel - Review

Deep Heat Rub -  Provides fast relief from muscular aches and pains; you can use Deep Heat before exercising as part of your warm up regime, or 72 hours after an injury occurs to ease muscular aches. The rub uses heat therapy in a portable and easy to use format, and also contains eucalyptus oil and turpentine oil which help dilate local blood vessels, taking more heat, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Deep Heat rub comes in 35g, 67g and 100g sizes with RRPs of £2.34, £3.54 and £4.69 respectively.

Deep Heat has always been used in our family for aches and pains one of an old trusted family favourite that I always have at home...as we are a family who like to exercise and keep fit so we love this product.
Deep Freeze Gel -  Is a fast-acting pain relieving gel that has a cooling action and analgesic properties. Use Deep Freeze Gel straight after injury as an ideal alternative to ice in the RICE technique; research shows that Deep Freeze Gel is better tolerated than ice for maintaining prolonged low skin temperature. Deep Freeze gel can also be used at various stages during the recovery of an injured muscle or joint.
Deep Freeze Gel is available in 35g or 100g sizes and has an RRP of £2.25 and £4.36 respectively.

This is fantastic product...My husband had been suffering with a stiff shoulder..after a injury in the gym...he has been using the Deep Freeze Gel and say's its soothing and is a great alternative to an ice pack.

Deep Relief, a topical pain relief product containing 2 active ingredients: ibuprofen and levomenthol. Deep Relief acts on both inflammation and interrupting pain signals; levomenthol stimulates the nerves that perceive cold whilst suppressing the nerves that perceive pain, so less or no pain is felt. 
The products are absorbed through the skin to help give a local inflammatory effect

Deep Heat/Relief and Deep Freeze Gel are available in your local supermarkets of chemist.