Reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

This week has flown by....I can't believe how fast it had gone....Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week

I was lucky to attend an early screening if Wreck-it was a fantastic Disney movie ...we all had so much fun...we left the house at 9.00 am and returned at 5.45 we spend the whole day in Central London first at the Empire Cinema watching the movie and then at Pizza Hut and then at Covant Garden... it was a lovely family day together...we really enjoyed the movie and my boys now want to watch it again.... for more about the move visit -wreck-it-ralph-movie-review.html

By Monday I was absolutely exhausted and barely know how I got got through my days work.

It was also nice to visit my in-laws..I don't get to see them much it was nice to catch up..and have a giggle.

Its now Thursday... so I'm looking forward to cosying up on the sofa with my boys watching the junior Apprentice with a bar if chocolate x Im soooo easily pleased x
Small luxuries of life are always the best :)

Have a fab weekend :)


  1. the film sounds brilliant, I have missed apprentice this year, I need to catch up..enjoy ur chocolate later xx

  2. I have missed the junior apprectice to but I love the adult one. Your day in London sounded antastic, nothing like a bit of family time

  3. I was offered tickets too but couldn't make it- looking forward to its release next year :)

  4. Lovely reasons, I'm looking forward to watching Wreck-it Ralph when it comes out - it looks brilliant!

  5. Great reasons. Film sounded good, must watch it when it comes out. I was surprised just how child friendly London was when we went. Easy to waste away hours.
    My must see tv at the moment is the new series of The Big Bang Theory, so I may be eating chocolate with my feet up tonight too.
    Have a fab weekend x

  6. Thanks for the Junior Apprentice reminder.
    Fab reasons, a lovely week

  7. Love your reasons to be cheerful, have made me smile too x

  8. Sounds a fabulous trip! I love London but its hard work with kids ;-)

  9. The movie sounds great, looking forward to seeing it! Glad you had a good week x

  10. Sounds like fun. Now enjoy the cosying on the sofa... you can't beat it can you?


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