Monday 12 November 2012

Family Life

No one said is was going to be easy...but like most women I always craved for a family of my very own...and yes thank God...I have been blessed to have one...the laughs... giggles... tears... and tantrums and that just me...

As rewarding family life is.... its also extremely demanding...but would I change if for the world...
No Way....Like most mothers...we often look at our own childhoods and always want a little better for our own family...for me it's always been about good bonds and communication..I love you... is a word used on a regular basis in my house amongst  us all.

Often with another necessary word.....No...of course followed by reasoning ...when the kids are attempting to push boundaries...

So here are my Top Tips for an Almost Peaceful and Contended  Family Life

1- House Rules....have a list of you all know what's acceptable and what is not...

2 - Communication - Talk..Talk..Talk and Listen and share your day...ask your children/spouse about their day ..good communication = happy family

3 - Share responsibilities of the home - Encourage your children understand the importance to helping and contributing to the home - OK... I don't mean big daily cores but responsibility for there actions...making bed...tidying room and generally helping out.

4 - Enjoy each others company - ignore the negative things and praise the positive- that's for all....husband/wife including.

5 -Meal Times -as often as possible have a family meal together.

6 - Family time - watch a movie... go out in and share an activity together and give opportunities for you children to choose activity.

7 - Couple nights... its important to keep you relationship with your spouse to one time together to build bonds..share experiences and come together.Even if its a cosy night on the sofa together watching a film.

8 - Never argue with your spouse in front of the kids...if your children do see you bickering... its important that you explain to your children that you were having a disagreement and everything is sorted - children thrive on stability so keep differences at bay..... there's always a time and a place.

9 - Encourage siblings to share and respect each other it's important to maintain positive bonds.

10 - Compromise - family life changes all the time...its important to be flexible to meet each others changing needs.