Sunday 11 November 2012

Making Memories

Impromptu Visit to Local Coffee Shop
It's funny as a mother.... And like most mothers.... I think it's extremely important to build and make memories for my doesn't have to be extravagant....although very nice...but it's the small things to me that matter..

Those everyday occurrences or one off out of the ordinary things like going to the park.... hugs and cuddles...snuggling up watching a film... and off the cuff..unplanned visits to a local restaurant for lunch.

As a family.... who often so caught up in the goings on of the Day...Work...School....Clubs...Home Life there's can be very little time...that's why as a family we think its important to build bonds and create FAMILY TIME... as much as we can...after is so short and I can already see my babies growing and changing...I hope and pray they will look back on our memories as a strong foundation of family life and emotional support for their future.

As a child growing up some of my fondest memories were the little things... going to the seaside... playing games with my mum and siblings....and it's funny how a smell or a feeling can take you right back to those fondest of memories of childhood.

I often capture our moments and memories in a picture... so we can look back and share our memories in the future and years to come. Its so nice when we all can chat about special moments and remember the past.

Brotherly Love

Memories are so important they remind us fondest moments in our life... x