Monday 5 November 2012

Supermarket Shopping Survival

As a working mum and wife, I used to find many of my days popping into the local supermarket on my way home from work...just for small items... milk...bread or something that I had forgot on my weekly shopping trip...
I quickly noticed that it was becoming a regular habit.....finding myself going shopping everyday...and more often then the cream cake isle....picking up a chocolate eclair...for later in the evening when the kids were in bed with a cup if tea...

Soon I noticed, I was on average spending £15 to £20 per day just picking up little items...and as I was hungry (after work) and feeling a little stressed and tired from the day..having still so much more chores ahead of the evening ...I found myself buying junk and food items that I didn't necessarily need..

Then one day I came too...what am I doing not only am I overspending... I'm also buying crap and wasting food....that's when I started to buy and stick to my weekly shop...if I needed a small item I would go into a metro and out... making sure I only purchased what I really needed...steering well clear of the junk and cakes here are my Top Shopping tips to keep you on budget and food focused.
Shopping Tips

Before you write a shopping list or go shopping...keep tabs on what you already have in the cupboard and fridge freezer.... That way you wont buy and waste food products that you already have.

Do a weekly shop - meal plan this prevents unnecessary trips to the supermarket

Don't go shopping without a well thought through shopping list

When shopping be direct and only go down the isle you need to...don't get swayed by the offers and buy one get one frees

When doing weekly shop...don't get tempted to buy kid themed products ...whats wrong with...a good old fashioned slab Cake/Madeira cake...its will be just as sufficient and cost less....And you can control portion size's.

Buy some of the own brand products - saves a little cash

Never shop when you Hungary'll only buy junk!!! Or is that just me

Have a budget and stick to it

If you have to go shopping with the kids get them involved...
Hold the shopping list, Collect food items and put them in trolley, Help at the self serve boys love this bit...

Hopefully you will have less trips to the supermarket...and your pocket will thank you for it.