Wednesday 14 November 2012

Dentyl - Review

As a family who like to look after our teeth and protect teeth from tooth decay...I was more then delighted to review Dentyl mouthwash as it.....Protects your Teeth from dental decay and enamel erosion and is alcohol free..

Dentyl mouthwash Strengthens and protects your teeth from damaging foods and drinks with 
New alcohol free Dentyl Active Enamel Restore.....
It has an fresh mint flavour, and helped freshen my breath this alcohol free mouthwash contains double the fluoride level of other leading mouthwash brands. As a result, this means that Dentyl Active Enamel Restore can:

·         Help to strengthen tooth enamel by replacing lost minerals.
·         Help protect the enamel against acid erosion.
·         Help the enamel become more resistant to acid attack.

Enamel erosion is a significant yet preventable problem in the UK. Today, tooth decay is the third most common reason that children are admitted to hospital and this has risen by 13% over the past five years. More than half (55%) of adults in the UK also have one or more decayed teeth. Enamel erosion is on the increase, and this is partly due to modern day eating and drinking habits. Acid, which is primarily found in soft drinks, sports drinks, juices, wine and acidic foods can cause a chemical loss of minerals to the tooth enamel causing it to erode. 
Research has shown that carbonated drinks can double or triple the incidence of tooth decay. 

Fluoride therefore has an important role to play to help prevent enamel erosion as it hardens the outer layer of teeth, making it more difficult for bacteria to penetrate the enamel. The need for a product containing a good level of fluoride to help to protect teeth has much been needed and so Dentyl Active Enamel Restore was created.

What’s more, thanks to the clever Dentyl Active experts, Dentyl Active Enamel Restore’s unique alcohol free formula means that children can use it to help protect their teeth from enamel decay from as young as 7 years of age, unlike alcohol containing mouthwashes, which cannot be used until the age of 12. Great news for kids especially as the number of children with decay increases by 16% from the age of 8 to 12 years of age. 

Working Action:
Dentyl Active Enamel Restore Icy Fresh Mint also has the ability to lift and absorb 99.9% of oral bacteria plus debris, such as food particles, bacteria and plaque from the mouth. Like the rest of the Dentyl Active range, it is an innovative mouthwash formula with a distinctive working action. The advanced alcohol free formula consists of two stages, a water-based phase incorporating a special antibacterial agent (Cetylpyridinium Chloride - CPC), and an oil-based solution with natural essential oils, that has to be shaken well before use.

This shaking action combines the two mouthwash phases and creates a dynamic solution which is much more powerful than the two individual parts. The bacteria and debris adhere to the mouthwash solution and when it is rinsed out you can see the bacteria, food debris and other deposits on the teeth removed and highlighted as small, brightly coloured masses in the sink, proving that Dentyl Active really works.  And thanks to the special antibacterial ingredient (CPC) in Dentyl Active, it also helps stop bacteria from working  

absolutely love this mouthwash the fact that its alcohol free and is suitable for all the family...and you can see that is has actually worked...this will be on my shopping list from now.