Sunday 4 November 2012

Tea India - Review

As a Tea lover....I was lucky enough to receive some fabulous Teas...Courtesy of  Tea India.
Tea India combines unique flavours, fusion and tradition to provide a unique blend of authentic Indian Teas

After a hard day work there nothing more I crave other then a nice I was more then happy to try a new blend. and I must say...I wasn't disappointed.
Tea India - Black Tea was very tasty... a lovely rich cup of Tea full of flavour. A tea you can drink everyday...defiantly on my shopping list.

Tea India - Cardamon Chai is a exotic blend of spices a delicately flavoured Tea....with a wonderful aroma and taste.

Also available from Tea India 
Masala Chai
Vanilla Chai

Thank you Tea India...Your Tea's are amazing...
Visit Tea India's website to find where you can purchase Tea India
exquisite Tea's.
A Nice cup of Tea India....Mmmmm Delicious