Tea India - Review

As a Tea lover....I was lucky enough to receive some fabulous Teas...Courtesy of  Tea India.
Tea India combines unique flavours, fusion and tradition to provide a unique blend of authentic Indian Teas

After a hard day work there nothing more I crave other then a nice Cuppa..so I was more then happy to try a new blend. and I must say...I wasn't disappointed.
Tea India - Black Tea was very tasty... a lovely rich cup of Tea full of flavour. A tea you can drink everyday...defiantly on my shopping list.

Tea India - Cardamon Chai is a exotic blend of spices a delicately flavoured Tea....with a wonderful aroma and taste.

Also available from Tea India 
Masala Chai
Vanilla Chai

Thank you Tea India...Your Tea's are amazing...
Visit Tea India's website http://www.teaindia.co.uk/ to find where you can purchase Tea India
exquisite Tea's.
A Nice cup of Tea India....Mmmmm Delicious

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