Saturday 24 November 2012

Signs...I'm Getting Older

My Son Showcasing My lovely Pink Trolley

Struggling with bags of shopping almost decapitating my fingers there was no way in my younger years of youth...would I be seen with a shopping trolley of any kind...I'd rather struggle along with bags of shopping..

Well not anymore...Now in my mid thirties, I see life much more differently ....A little older but a whole lot wiser .....No way I'm going to put my back out for a few groceries . If my hubby is at work and cannot drive me.. I will take my trolley on a shop....and I don't care...if I look old.... My attitude has changed..

Then I started thinking I know I'm getting older...a few signs have began to linger..
I'm not ashamed...but rather proud...I have an abundance of confident compared to when I was in my thought I would share my signs...I'm sure some of you will recognise some of them..:)

Signs You Can Embrace...Your Getting Old.

You dye you hair to hide the grey's

You need a shopping trolley when shopping

You are totally exhausted after a day out with the kids...desperate for some peace and a sleep...whilst your kids are full if energy

You can't catch that bus...without being out of breath

We try to maintain a healthy active lifestyle...but ate stumped by that chocolate cake

You want to be comfortable in your clothing/footwear

You talk and strike up conversation with total strangers about stupid things...especially whilst out shopping!!!

You are confident to complain and moan when things aren't what they should are more confident to stand you ground.

You can take life in your stride

You give advice to others...after all you have been there done it

You think your invincible

A common phase...It wasn't like that in my days...when I was younger!!!

You fall asleep in front if the TV

Forgetfulness...Sorry what was your name again

You oooh and ahhh when bending up and down

If any of these ring a bell...welcome to getting older..But I'm sure a great deal wiser. :)