Thursday 8 November 2012


As a mother I love nothing more then capturing special moments on my phone...and sharing them with my loved ones either through Facebook or picture message...But now I have found 23Snaps...which is a fabulous new I phone/Android app...which allows parents to capture their children’s precious moments as they happen in a beautiful living timeline of photos, videos and milestones. Updates can be shared easily and securely with close family and friends, either in real time or through beautifully presented email digests,or an online journal.
23Snaps is not just Facebook for families - it has loads of unique family-friendly features like height and weight status updates, joint profiles for partners and funny sounds to get kids to look at the camera.
The idea is to share and treasure your most precious moments with those closest to you.

With 23Snaps you can

* Upload photos,Videos and status updates to capture your child's special moments
* Invite loved ones to receive real time mobile or email notifications
* Completely a private and secure network, Only the people you approve can see your photos
* Create collections, Add photo filters and build a beautiful interactive timeline for your child

What I love about this app is the fact you can share ( all my special baby pictures ) with my loved ones... its such an amazing app which I'm thoroughly enjoying and will be recommending it to all my friends.

And if you were wondering why !!!The name 23 snaps.... Did you know that there are 23 pairs of chromosomes that carry all of the genetic information that makes your child the wonderful, unique person they grow to be? One chromosome, like one photograph, is just not enough to tell the whole story.
How special that just sums it all up for me :)

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