Sunday 11 November 2012

Reading Eggs

Myself and my two boys have been lucky enough to be part of an extended trail of Reading Eggs - which is a unique online reading program that supports you child's reading needs  at their individual reading level....Reading Eggs program  focuses on core curriculum Reading of Phonics and sight words and is designed by professional  experienced team of Teachers and developers....for children aged between 4 to 11 years old.
Reading eggs is animated and fun, with fab characters and games that will enhance and build on your child reading level...

When you first sign up your child your will take an see assess their reading level, once that is complete your child will begin their individual lessons. (Each child will have there own assessment and reading level designated to their individual needs on their personal profile)

My boys are only a few weeks into the trail and are absolutely loving it...they are having fun and learning at the same time which is fab...They are Constantly asking to go on the computer and complete their levels...
I have had to assist them at times when they have got stuck, which I'm more then happy to do.

As a parent I'm extremely excited about Reading Eggs..anything that can be fun whilst helping my children develop there reading skills has to have a Big Thumbs Up.....from us all.
I have also downloaded the Reading Eggs I phone app so my boys can have fun and learn on the go.

You can sign up here...Trail reading eggs for two weeks...and see what you think.....
Reading eggs also has some wonderful Phone apps for Sight Words and Spelling