Saturday 3 November 2012

Controlling Eczema

Parents are urged to go back to basic and get control of Eczema

A new survey revels almost half of parents 48% don't feel they get enough help from their GP to manage their child's eczema, E45 has teamed up with the National Eczema Society (NES) to launch a new
3 step treatment plan, and outline an online advice service to help parents get to grips with eczema.

Around one in five children in the UK suffers from eczema, and in 8 out of 10 cases conditions occurs before a child reaches the age of five.
Emollients that help soften the skin to help keep it supple and moist are recognised as important treatment for eczema.
However research carried out by E45 and NES show that most parents are not using these treatments effectively as they could be.

Almost 49% of parents only apply emollient creams to effected area of their child skin...

The National Institute Of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that to get the best results from emollients they should be applied to the whole body...even when their child's skin appears clear of eczema..the survey highlighted that many parents are not aware on the correct way to apply emollient creams as 53% of parents rub creams/ointments into their child's skin, which can actually make the eczema worse by irritating the skin.
To overcome this common mistake when using emollients and to help parents get the full benefits of these treatments  E45's 3 Step Treatment Plan has been developed in line with NICE and NES guidance

E45 Three Step Plan

Step 1- Apply emollient creams and ointments all over child's body 2-3 times a day
Step 2- Use gentle strokes in the direction of the hair growth when applying emollients
Step 3- Use soap substitutes and an emollient bath oil to cleanse you your child's skin.

To help parents get the most from the 3 step plan,E45 has also launched a free support programme
This new online programme  which is designed to help educate parents on how to use emollients treatments offers advice and guidance to parents as soon as their child is diagnosed with eczema and gives those struggling help to manage their child condition and improve treatment outcomes.
The programme has already seen fantastic results with 9 out of ten parents saying they feel in more control of their child eczema since starting the programme and 81 % recording improvement of their child eczema symptoms.
Enrolment on the programme is free and parents can benefit from telephone advice from a trained National Eczema Society Nurse..The dedicated website gives parents the tools they need to monitor and check their child's eczema symptoms along with easy access to advice leaflets,educational videos and testimonial.
Also parents can seek help and support from other parents who face the same frustrations and problems in treating their child eczema through links to NES facebook page

As a mother of a son who suffers with  mild Eczema from birth The following information on eczema is extremely informative I was amazed at how much information is available and can say I have defiantly learnt something new and find the website relevant and helpful and cant wait to share it with my followers, friends and family who too have children who suffer with Eczema.

With Thanks to Spink Health - for sharing this valuable information and samples of E45 Emollient Wash Cream and E45 Emollient Bath Oil (one set for me too keep and use for my son) And another set
I will giveaway to random follower who's child suffers with eczema and leaves a comment below.... comments will close on Sunday 18th November..Please note.... person will be chosen at random..and notified via email....I hope you found this information as valuable and useful as I did.

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