Exercise...Love it... err... I'm trying

Well you either love it or hate it .... EXERCISE...And over the past year or so I have felt both....I really love the Idea of keeping fit and healthy...but I need to really push myself to achieve this goal....
I was exercising on a regular basis over a year ago and half ago...and I had loads more energy ..felt better in myself...lost a few pounds...and I could achieve 30 minutes of high intensity cardio...
And now .... No Chance I would probably fall flat on my face.. I cant even run up a flight of stairs without feeling knackered...so that's a big sign....I need to change my ways....

I know I must shift my butt and put my positive head on... I have been binging on loads of junk over the Holiday's (and loved every minute of it)...but boy can I feel it...I feel so sluggish and have no energy and I'm worried about getting back into my hectic routine ...
I NEED to make these changes so here I go...I'm going to have to start this week....(motivating myself here)....
I have an abundance of workout DVDs which I love (and have spent a fortune on) and hand weights.....So no excuses...I keep telling myself.

I prefer to workout at home as squeezing the gym into my crazy routine just isn't an option due to my crazy daily routines...so I have no excuses....(just need more time in the day and will have to either wake up early or sacrifice my evenings) other then that.... I just need to change my eating habits...which is going to be hard considering I have a few remnants of Christmas Holiday goodies still lurking around...so this is going to be tough.

I'm not going to give up every treat ....As I tired this before and eventually this was my downfall as I craved for cake...so I'm going to cut out as much junk as possible and if I really want a cake I will have one...
I'm going to start with a meal planning my meals....Healthy Dinners and Healthy Snacks...Oh well its got to be done.... I'm not getting an younger ....Don't get me wrong I'm not at all concerned about body image as I don't want to lose loads of weight ... I just want to tone up and feel healthy and have more energy..
When I was exercising .... I loved it.... as once I do start I know eventually after the aches and pains.... I will love the buzz of it....
Wish me luck..... I'm sure I'm going to need it.


  1. Im looking to loose weight in 2013! I have the 30 day shred that im going to try out! Fingers crossed we both get good results!

    Happy New Year :) x

    1. I too have 30 day shred....it's collecting dust... Love it .... Although never ever completed it.... It would be a good one to consider :) hope you get your desired results :)

  2. It is so hard trying to fit exercise in, isn't it? I am trying to walk more often - not so easy when it is cold and rainy as baby man doesn't like it! Good luck x


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