Wednesday 16 January 2013

Whatever The Weather

It might be cold and damp out side but my boys love to be on the outdoors even though I would prefer to be inside.. Especially on a cold damp day's....But never the less on the weekend we headed off to out local park and took the basket ball and football with us... The floor was quite wet as it had been raining... But as you know as kids don't normally care if they get muddy or dirty as long as they are having fun ...which they did .... I joined in but was quickly puffed out from running around.... that's when you show your age when you cant keep up with the kids... All have same is was nice to have a play around even though our hands got wet and muddy...I went prepared with some baby wipes to clean our hands.....and after all the running and hoops we had a nice lunch together...a simple yet fun day in the cold....It was nice to go home though!!!!! I was frozen and wet and craving a least we had a giggle and the boys had a good time. x

So whatever the weather venture out...its worth it