Wednesday 23 January 2013

Enough Food For Everyone

"The world produces enough food for everyone, yet hunger kills over 200 children every hour."
Today is the launch of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign. 
This is being launched nationally by a collective of about 100 charities and NGO's. All the big regulars that you might support are part of this - Unicef, Oxfam, Save the Children, ActionAid, Tearfund, ONE.
*If we as a nation join together we can make a difference.....and get our voices heard...and get world leaders to act....
*IF we stop poor farmers being forced off their land, and use the available agricultural land to grow food for people, not biofuels for cars.
*IF governments keep their promises on aid, invest to stop children dying from malnutrition 

and help the poorest people feed themselves through investment in small farmers.

*IF governments stop big companies dodging tax in poor countries, so that millions of people 
can free themselves from hunger.
*IF we force governments and investors to be honest and open about the deals they make in 
the poorest countries that stop people getting enough food. 

Sign now to add your voice to pressure the government to listen and respond at the G8.
Visit the Enough Food IF site and see what it is all about or check out Save the Children's digital bloggers kit and get tweeting (#IF), blogging, sharing, liking, pinning - whatever it is that you do to get people engaged and responding to this new campaign. 

30 seconds – sign the petition:
2 minutes - follow on social media & share the campaign link with your friends using the hashtags #if and #tellamillion
Please take a minute or two of your time to act.....Every voice and every person can make a difference...