That Friday Feeling.....I'm Not Feeling It

Thank crunchie it's Friday ... Does that mean I can kick back and chill out and take it easy....
NO CHANCE.... as a working mum... Friday generally means time to catch up on all those jobs
I had to look at and ignore because I had no time to do them... An endless pile of laundry awaits along with some serious cleaning....and its the last thing that I really want to do right now..

Its really hard to stay on top of your home and housework when you are never in it...and when you are your rushing through it like the wind...leaving behind misplaced items....WHY do I have folded kids clothes on my dining table!!!!!
Don't get me wrong if I tell the kids ten times they will help...but sometimes its just quicker and easier to do it myself...I know its not the right thing...But often its the quickest...And hubby works shifts, So he can only do ..what he can ..when he can...when he is here!!!!!

Normally after the school pick up...I'm rushing around after the kids cooking/washing/ironing and nothing seems to be in it correct place...
I have a word and its called Skimming I skim over the general housework eg hovering everyday...wiping down kitchen worktops everyday.....You know general stuff... But its not how It should be or how I would like it to be...its not deep cleaning you know the saying everything has its place..
Well not right now it doesn't ....and you know how everything tends to pop into the living room toys scattered folded laundry... It drives me CRAZY.
And most of the time I have to look at it and close the door on my way to work....STRESS...the life of a mum is hard...and extra stressful as a working mum...

That's better I needed that good ole moan .......and the boy's will be helping pick up their toys and cleaning their room....Even IF it takes ten times of asking.
Let the chores commence.


  1. "the life of a mum is hard...and extra stressful as a working mum..." Isn't it just!!! You have my sympathy 100% as a fellow working mum. I don't even TRY to get my house fully spic and span so you're one up on me!! ;)

  2. It's way to hectic... I try but still looks like I never touched it...and why is it you work ya butt off and within a few hours its back to square one???

  3. I can feel your pain. It's only my first week back at work after having 2 years off as a stay at home Mum, and even though my OH is at home to do all of the stuff you mentioned above, I still run around like a blue arsed fly until 11pm at night. Don't get me wrong, he does the cleaning, just not to my standards haha!

  4. I so know where you are coming from!

  5. Now I'm a stay at home mum I often wonder how i did it back them!? *doffs hat in salute* xx

  6. I know this feeling!! URGGGH!! When I am rich and famous I am going to get a cleaner *dreams*


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