Friday 25 January 2013

Books Over TV

The Works is asking a very important question...How reading with your children can differ from watching the TV...

We as a family absolutely love stories...There is nothing more I like then to sit with my boys with a book... its a great way to share and interact and enrich their minds..sharing stories.....which gets their imaginative minds ticking and anticipating what may happen next....sharing memories and precious moments...which gives my children a love for books...which to me is very important as a parent...We all know children benefit immensely from being read to.... Not only is it a wonderful bonding experience but children learn listening and communication skills.

Although my boys like to watch the TV...I find it can only provide them limited thinking in sharing and extending there imagination ..... and often they watch it without having think or react to whats flashing in front of them...although the TV has its place in our house....I find reading with my boys gives us a chance to step away from our hectic life and take time to share and interact with each other...It also gives us dedicated one on one time  ...Which I know my boys benefit from they always want to me to read to them..which show that the enjoy the story time we spend together.
Courtesy of The Works we are currently reading Disney 365 Boys Stories for Boys...which is an amazing book....Its has a fantastic selection of Disney stories both old and new sharing many years of Disney's magical stories ...from Pinocchio,Dumbo,Cars,Nemo, Bambi, Winne the pooh, Toy Story's - Woody and Buzz ....Are just a few of the amazing selection of stories available....A story for every day of the year....the book is very well laid out perfect for a bedtime read ...and great for cosying up together on the sofa.

The Works is promoting Books over TV...check them out Here and their offers an amazing range of books which are at fabulous prices.

I received a free book from the Works..All thought and opinions are that of my own.