My Reasons To Be Cheeful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

This week has wizzed by.... I'm pleased to say as I feel so tired and can't wait for the weekend...
I just want to relax and enjoy my family time....Work life and not much play can be exhausting...

I have been keeping up with my exercise...but not so much the food side...Ooops ...Tired mummy's needs energy in any form....and last night it was M&Ms....and an Cadbury Cream Egg...

My boys have really been enjoying our story bonding times.

It my hubby's birthday next week...So we have a cake to order..I will take boy's to the cake shop this Saturday to help me choose....

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  1. Well done on keeping up with the excercise. Don't stress too much about the food, what's a bit of chocolate in the grand scheme of things ;)
    Have a lovely weekend, I hope you find a great cake for your hubby xx

  2. Well done on the exercise, its a fantastic place to start x

  3. i am sure you will find a lovely cake..well done for doing the exercise xx

  4. creme eggs are the best.... trying to hold out on eating my first for this year....

  5. sometimes only a cream egg will do! well done on story time

  6. TY for stopping by and following me :) following you right back xx

  7. Well done on the exercise! And happy birthday to your hubby for next week x


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