Getting Healthy.....Still Trying

As I continue my journey on becoming more health conscious and fitter...I face endless food trappings...It was my sons Birthday last week so I indulged in a few slices of cream cake which was lush...
I must admit I have found it very hard to become motivated back into living a healthier lifestyle I have so many excuses including loving bad foods..."Cake" and being a busy working mum...
So I decided to have a go and my all time favorite workout to see if it could motivate and inspire me on my journey .....I did do the workout but followed the moderator as I haven't done this workout in a while.

I really enjoyed the workout and and hope its spared me into the right direction.....Time will Tell


  1. I love turbofire, i need to build up my fitness some more before i attempt it..well done for getting back on track xx

  2. This is new to me. So need to start some proper exercise to speed up the weight loss. Thanks for linking up again to #WobblesWednesday on Naked Mum and here's to a great week ahead.

  3. I really need to partake in some regular exercise, I have an exercise game on the ps3, time to dust it off!

  4. Looks like a fun workout, good luck for next week.

  5. I reckon that workout is out of my league for a while yet but it looks great fun! Good luck for the week ahead xx


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