Tuesday 1 January 2013

The Golden Cowpat

Myself and my family were privileged to attend  The Golden Cowpat  at the Pleasence Theatre in London courtesy of 23snaps who kindly provided our tickets.

The production was amazing I had tears of laughter running down my face...and what I loved most about The Golden Cowpat...Not only was it extremely funny and entertaining the performers were so talented they held every child's attentions for a the whole 50 minutes...and  kept adults alike glued to our seats awaiting the next installment of the story. 

Overview - The Golden Cowpat

One Day Hector the farmer discovers a mysterious golden cowpat in his field.
This sets him and Betty his naughty cow...On a quest to sell the Golden Cowpats and make a fortune!!!
As their amazing adventure unfolds,Hector and Betty must work how much their Golden cowpat's really mean to them before it to late.

I highly recommend this Production By Tucked In....Who have created a fun and interactive piece of theatre for children and adults that will express the importance of community over greed. It is told through a thrilling concoction of eccentric, high-energy storytelling and memorable folk music.
The Golden Cowpat is on at the Pleasance - Islington until the 6th January.

I was given Tickets to review The Golden Cowpat....All views and opinions are that of my own.