Saturday 26 January 2013

Aqua Maris Junior

This is the time of year my little ones normally come down with a cold..Runny/stuffy noses...which irritates them and causes restless nights...So I was delighted to try Aqua Maris Junior
it came along just a the right time as my son is currently full of cold...what I like about Aqua Maris Junior is that its made with 100% natural ingredients and Contains isotonic natural seawater. and is recognised by experts for its benefits and is a gentle astringent helping to speed up the healing of the nasal tissue...relieving congestion it also contains over 80 essential minerals and trace elements which are particularly beneficial to nasal health.  
Aqua Maris has been clinically proven to improve nasal breathing after only two days.....As it removes excess fluid and mucus from the nasal passage making it easier to breathe.

This is just what we need right I'm looking forward to the benefits Aqua Maris Junior will provide.
what I was amazed was to learn that - Seawater’s healing powers reduce the risk of infection and can speed up healing and Using seawater as a form of therapy, also known as thalassotherapy...and it has been around for centuries and was used by the Ancient Egyptians.

Aqua Maris Junior is suitable for daily nasal hygiene as well as to help with congested nasal passages, to ease breathing and to help ensure a good night’s sleep, and can be used for children and babies from 6 months old.
My son used the spray will ease...and said it tickled as I dispensed it......As we were lucky enough to receive two bottles....I decided to have a try and I must say.... I'm very very impressed..I suffer with nasal congestion almost everyday and have used so many nasal sprays over the years....this by far has got to be the most amazing natural nasal product I have ever used so much so I will be ditching the hydrochloride based nasal sprays and opting for the
Aqua Maris....

Aqua Maris also come have a Adult range... Strong which unblocks stuffy noses and Daily for dry and irritated noses.

I was very impressed Aqua Maris.. As it seemed to clear out my nose and I found it easier to breathe...and if it did this after only a couple of uses...I cant wait to see how I get on after two days.

Aqua Maris products are available in independent pharmacies and health food stores.

I received Two bottles of Aqua Maris junior and two Bottles of Aqua Maris for Adults to review..All thought are that of my own and I have not been instructed in what I write.